Sunday, August 25, 2019

Quantitative Methods and Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Quantitative Methods and Analysis - Essay Example Information can be gathered from huge number of people in a very less time, Questionnaires are also considered as feasible, encompass low financial resources and collects immense amount of knowledge in a lesser time. It is suitable for variety of topics relating to variety of fields for variety of jobs. Questionnaires are also considered as cost-effective as to gather and pool the information has nowadays become much easier due to readily available computer software (DÃ ¶rnyei & Taguchi, 2010). The primary reason of unreliability of questionnaires is that many respondents do not have research sense and are unmotivated as they feel that it would not benefit them from in any way therefore they do not prefer to provide the correct answers which lead to the unreliability and misleading information. The researcher has no opportunity to correct the mistake of the respondents. Respondents often forget or hide the true information intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes respondents even don’t know the exact response towards the questions. If the overall impression of a person towards the topic is positive he will less likely provide answers in a negative manner (DÃ ¶rnyei & Taguchi, 2010). The study of Olivero & Lunt (2004) used interview technique as part of data collection tool to compare the privacy and willingness in terms of e-commerce exchanges. Long qualitative interviews were held for participants using repeated e-mail exchanges. Interview data were combined with insights from the literatures on self-disclosure, sociology, and consumer research in a grounded theory analysis. In a grounded analysis of theory, based on self-disclosure, consumer research and sociology, the interview data was gathered in light of previous studies. Initially an introductory e-mail was sent to participants elaborating the purpose of research and the interview process. Before conducting the

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