Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rize-Film Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rize-Film Critique - Essay Example The setting and the effects used are accurate too. The scenes are moving and the characters express the right emotions when needed. For example, Tommy the Clown adjusts his expressions to make them hilarious for kids. This serves to show the relevance of the film. The social message, the authenticity of the dance moves and the accuracy of the setting make this film a commendable effort. There are several negative aspects of the film. One concerns the strip dancing routine. This raises a concern considering that there is a scene where preteen girls and dancers affiliated with strict Christian faith perform it. The speed and exaggeration of the dance moves could come out to some viewers as unrealistic too. Nevertheless, the negatives of this film are overwhelmed by the appealing views of this film. In conclusion, Rize is a very appealing and energetic film. It elicits high levels of amazement and interest in the viewer. The film director, David LaChapelle, shows his talent by making a captivating, accurate and a socially relatable film. The characters are instrumental in making the film a success by executing the dance moves powerfully and in a synchronized manner. Tommy the Clown serves as the main character and pioneer of the clowning dance, a mixture of break dancing and simulated fighting. He showcases transformation from a convict to a positively influential person on the streets through his unique form of dancing. The dance moves are fast but very real. This enhances the authenticity of the film.

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