Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Is MacIntyre's Critique of Modern Ethics Convincing Essay

Is MacIntyres Critique of Modern Ethics Convincing - Essay ExampleIt continues to point out to the inconsistencies and the groundless reputation of major assumptions made in his philosophies. His argument of superiority of certain traditions is also criticized as well as other inconsistencies in his criteria. In After Virtue, when he says whiz has to find its moral identity in and through its membership in communities,1 he rejects the concept of individuality in moral issues. Lastly, this writing explores Hegels speculative logic of metaphysics as a contrary philosophy to Macintyres.MacIntyres Critique of Modern Ethics is not convincing. His claims that the ethical theory and practice are incomprehensible is groundless. The recipients of his criticism are the emotive who believe in the doctrine of emotivism. For them, the value upheld and the metaphysical aspects of people are attributes that are derived from own personal druthers as opposed to adherence to objective validity. I n this case, considering something to be good is not a root of making a rational moral decision, sooner that is only based on personal preference. As such, MacIntyres critique is based on three major pillars as proposed by Aristotle (Brodie 1991). The first pillar considers the moral agent in the amateur person, the second one is the moral agent when one already has comprehension of is telos, and lastly, moral considerations that enhance facilitation between stages (MacIntyre 1999). Modernity fails to sanction the second pillar as the normative concept of telos cannot be used as a determinant of good of bad behavior in the society. In this case, the good traits of an individual has to be eliminated, even if it is highly beneficial to the members of the society. This has to happen so that one can adopt new and alternative forms of norms other than the pilot film one. It is only after such a disconnection that one can say that something about that traditional or society is good or one can qualify to understand the

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