Sunday, June 23, 2019

Opera concert review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Opera concert review - Essay ExampleThe award was set in a mixture of different bright colors and the lighting was good enough to bring show up the mood and the sentiments. The actors adorned Nipponese costumes and used some Japanese words to make the cognitive process authentic. The Japanese tune, Mi-Ya-Sa-Ma was contend in perfect Japanese style and helped in reinforcing the Japanese theme. These played out very well by giving me some insight into ancient Japanese society.The wordplay and the clarity in which the words were delivered kept me interest throughout the performance. The manner in which the actors used language and rhyme brought out their professionalism in using such stylistic devices to entertaining the audience. The comedy in the performance came out effortlessly. The choice of the characters was an outstanding one, and amongst the major things that made the performance memorable.The chorus was excellently done. Each and every character involved in it gave it th eir best and it came out perfectly. The singing was well harmonized with the comedy and this was even clearly expressed by the items used by the ladies and gentlemen of Japan. The opening line, If You Want To Know Who We Are (Sullivan, & gilbert Act 1) was quite an exciting attention grabber. It created some curiosity in me that I was eager to know what would happen.The orchestra mostly on the overture was very satisfactory. on that point was exemplary harmony in the way the instruments were coordinated. The arrangement of the songs was such that they were expertly paced and created enough time for comic effect which was well expressed by the Japanese vase-full (Sullivan, & Gilbert Act 2).The role of the Mikado was given the justice it deserved. The character used his skills to sing and act it out giving it all the dignity meet a real Emperor. In addition, Pooh Bahs state duties were well captured. The singing was done in a clear tone and amazing diction. The character of Nanki-P oo was in like manner very admirably played.

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