Thursday, June 13, 2019

The strategies( taxation) used to reduce tobacco related harms Essay

The strategies( gross) used to reduce baccy related harms - Essay ExampleThe rationale for increased taxation of tobacco plant products is that higher taxes will translate into high prices for tobacco products. Prop binglents of this strategy opine that when tobacco products have higher prices, the demand is likely to decrease. Many countries have enforced this strategy as one of the efforts of addressing increase tobacco consumption (Cowie, Glover, & Gentles, 2014). Worth noting is the fact that tobacco consumption contributes to a remarkable percentage of deaths. For this reason, it is important to esteem the efficiency of the taxation strategy for reducing tobacco consumption. This paper will evaluate the efficiency of the taxation strategies on tobacco consumption, relying on narrate-based research. There is evidence that taxation strategies do not contribute to a significant reduction of tobacco smoking, as this paper will highlight.As highlighted above, the rationale for increasing taxation on tobacco products is based on the fact that tobacco consumption is proving to be one of the most critical public health threats in the 21st century. According to future projections, the globe will register 1.6 billion smokers if effective strategies for reducing smoking are not implemented. Many countries have recognized the tobacco epidemic and are putting in measures in an effort to reduce the prevalence of tobacco consumption (Gigliotti, Figueiredo, Madruga, Marques, Pinsky, Caetano, & Laranjeira, 2014). As mentioned previously, increasing tobacco taxes is viewed as one of the best strategies that can register positive results in reducing the prevalence of tobacco consumption. The World Bank has supported the initiative of introducing increased taxes on tobacco products. Proponents of this strategy believe that it can register positive outcomes in various populations. Governments that have implemented this strategy also achieve associated revenue goals thro ugh

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