Monday, May 13, 2019

Business Strategy and Strategic Directions Research Paper - 1

Business St straygy and Strategic Directions - inquiry Paper ExampleThe restaurants are marketed as the trend to attract high-value clients. The company has been listed by Forbes as angiotensin converting enzyme of the best employers in the United States (Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, n.d.). It runs a loyalty program that helps in reducing the rate of turnover and motivating employees. The research paper seeks to analyze the strategies undertaken by Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant as it endeavors to stay out front of competitors in San Francisco and United States.Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group Inc. faces major competition from Joie De Vivre Hospitality, Morgans Hotel Group, and Ian Schrager Hotels. Kimpton relies on differentiation, which makes it stand out from the crowd. It has competitors in all over the United States because of its size. The hotel acquires old buildings found in urban centers and turns them into four-star hotels with trendy restaurants. The acquisition of old position reduces the cost of capital for the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurant Group. The hotels are turned into classy hotels with a vintage feeling that makes it unique. The reason of style shown by Kimpton is what makes it stand from most of the competitors in San Francisco and across the United States.Kimpton has a vision to construe both personal and organizational growth as time goes. The hotels mission says, Getting and property Guests, Keeping and Developing Employees. (Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, n.d.)The mission shows that the company values human resources and clients. Keeping and developing employees makes it assertable to get and keep guests for a long time (Hill & Jones, 2013). The organizational culture prioritizes creativity, teamwork, and personal development. The strength of the Kimpton is their difference. The of import goal is to give guests a unique experience that will make them coming back to Kimpton. The hotel counseling believes the unique Kimpton hotel experience that focuses on the

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