Thursday, May 23, 2019

Education and Guest Speaker Essay

No matter how hard life is, one has to hope for happiness. Sorrows and failures are to be accepted as milestones towards success.To our lymph node speaker __________________, school administrators and officials, teachers, parents, classmates, fellow students, guests, ladies and gentlemen a pleasant (morning or afternoon).Today is a happy day for all of us. It is a day of celebration as we students of this school finish our elementary education. It is not a simple accomplishment. All of us know how we graduates struggled, burned our midnight candles just to pass our examinations and submit our school requirements. Further, at some point in time, our parents experienced financial difficulties just by matinee idols grace, we were able to accomplish the tasks laid before us successfully. Definitely, God is good.Leaving the portals of this school which I loved since prep school is not easy. It is from this academic institution that I learned to value the importance of education in ones life. With that in mind, I gave my best efforts in my studies. Excellence has become my battle cry. The basic education the school has taught me laid down a strong foundation that will help and guide me as I continue my studies and pursue my ambition in life. I know I would be successful for I have anchored my faith in God, molded by the Christian values the school has imparted and with the unconditional love of my parents who patiently provided me with advises, love and control me for all my needs.Life at school has become meaningful and was shaded with different beautiful colors as days pass. It can be compared to movies or teleseryes on television. There is drama. There is comedy, action and adventure. The different activities we have joined and actively participated completed our academic training. We were not only confined to the four walls of the classroom but at the same time encouraged to bring out our hidden talents, skills and potentials.Sharing ones self to a classmate or to a friend is such a great joy.

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