Saturday, May 11, 2019

Nazi Foreign Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nazi Foreign Policy - examine ExampleThe major aspects of the foreign policy of Nazi according to Poole (130) related to the long-term strategies of the party that include the abolition of all restrictions placed on Germany by the treaty of Versailles, the re-armament of Germany to ensure enough strength for expanding the terra firma through the acquisition of some other territories and uniting all people speaking German language into atomic number 53 country to establish a big and strong country. In addition, Nazi aimed at promoting its ideology championed by Aryan superiority, anti-Judaism and anti-communism, pro-fascist as well as commercial dynamism (Poole 130). Adolf Hitler realized that the implementation of his policy ask war. In 1933, upon his appointment as the chancellor, he became the driving power for peace settlement and the expansion of the German economic and political power in the European region.The rest of World War I direct to the establishment of the Leagu e of Nations as a tool for international peace, cohesion and moderation. The League of Nations top docket was to ensure absence of violation of the territorial integrity of any country and prevent any other war through peaceful settlement of conflicts (Charles Sturt University 2). The United States, Britain and France were the major architects of international order and their policies opposed those of the Nazi through the League of Nations. In 1933, both Germany and Japan, who were after implementing their Nazi policies, withdrew from the league. This is because the League of Nations was acting in immunity to their policies.The following year, 1934, Germany signed two agreements with Poland trade agreement and non-aggression pact. This incorporated the agreement to settle disputes through negotiation, the end of all disputes regarding the border and non-aggression in the next ten years (Charles Sturt University 2). However, this was not a

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