Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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Hacking has been around for more than a century. Members of the public have had their someoneal information stolen and passed all over the internet. A hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. Like for an example in October 2011 Sony the company that owns PlayStation was hacked by some intruders. The intruders staged a massive attempt to access exploiter accounts on its PlayStation Network and other online entertainment services (Hosaka,2011). this is also an example of port s move. Port scans and tap sweep, is very dangerous for companies because it will allow pot to hack your network or personal information and create viruses that could do a lot of damage to your computer or network.Port scan is a very popular tool that many hackers use to get unauthorized access to a lot of networks across the world. A port scan is a series of messages sent by a hacker that is attempting to break into a computer to learn which computer network services have an open port. usually when hackers have a plan to hack a companys network they usually use port scan or sometimes bump sweeps because its a very great tool to use in a hacking process. Ping sweeps and port scans are very dangerous but can be preventable for most companies. Also port scan and ping sweep can impact a company in a contradict way that can cause personal information to be given out to the public. If this happen to a company this can cause emergency stoppage and possible shutting down the company until the hackers are identify. (Jr. Pyles,n.d.). In the late 1980s Kevin Mitnick a 25 years old veteran hacker on the QT monitors the emails of MCI and Digital Equipment security officials. Kevin Mitnick successfully did this by using the port scan to fi... couple of years. In order to prevent intruders from using port scans or ping sweep to enter a network, companies must have an antivirus software that fights off any intruders commands or entrance attempts because if companies do then they wouldnt have a problem with hackers trying to hack their network system.ReferencesHosaka, T. (2011, October 12). Sony hack october. Retrieved from http// Pyles, G. (n.d.). Ping sweeps and port scans. Retrieved from http//, M. (2011, June 9). A brief history of hacking . Retrieved from http// history of hacking. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//

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